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Trouble In Paradice

Because I No Longer Suffer From Insanity; I Enjoy Every Minute Of It!

Hi!  My name is Lorelei, but my friends call me "Trouble"...more on that later... and this is my personal site.  Here you will learn about me, my writing, family, friends, church, school etc.  I'll also be putting some of my favorite links here.  Check back often, because this is a work in progress.
You also might find pictures in different places that really have nothing to do with what is on that page.  They might be there to make you laugh or just to be pretty...I'm kind of random, so if you're a person who can't stand when people put something where it technically does not belong, I beg your forgiveness.  I sympathize with you, because I'm somewhat that way myself, but it's still fun to just throw things everywhere!!  *Picks up a stack of pictures and throws them in the air to land in random places on the website*  WOOHOO!!
I will continue adding to the site.  I recently got the HTML codes, so hopefully I can make this place even cooler.  Come back often.

History Of The Site:
Last year, I built a website called LoreleiAlexis.  I had named it after my pen-name.  Year before last, I met a girl and she and I became good friends.  We've had our ups and downs, but in the end we always come back together as friends.  It didn't take us long to discover that we had a lot in common.  We eventually started saying we were twins...just teasing.  Several people that don't know us that well actually thought we were twins/sisters.  So, we decided to start up "twin websites".  Check out the links page for the link to hers.

What's New?
The website itself is brand new.  I'm going to add everything onto it that I originally built at loreleialexis, but there will be new things as well, and some of the pages will look a bit different since I have learned more about building these things.
Come back often!!

The Branches:

Hall of Fame

Here you will find the official websites of musicians, ice skaters, etc.

Humorous Hilarity

Funny pictures of animals, people, etc.

The Time Is Now

Here, you will find my testimony.

Trouble and Company

Profiles of my friends.

I Believe

This is all about what I  believe in and where I stand on my beliefs.

Lessons Learned

All about the lessons life has taught me.


My journal page...DUH!!


Drama and comedy page.  Enjoy.

Quiz Wiz

Quizzes for wizzes...or maybe not wizzes...what am I trying to say here again?

Jesus In Complete Control: 9-11 (JICC-911)

9/11's a memorial...ok...

Music Of My Pen

Well, it's not done yet, but here's what I've got so far.  I'll paste more of my poems and songs here later on.  Have fun...OH, and PLEASE SEND ME YOUR COMMENTS!!

Palace of Serenity

Sailor Moon Gallery and Information page.  Mostly anime, although there will be some things that the manga lovers will enjoy as well.

Stories From The Heart

My stories...from my heart...

The Boards

I've updated the boards to  I'll be able to keep up with them better than I would have the Blinkz site.  Apologies for any inconvenience involved with the change.

The MSN Space: The Trouble Is Back

This is my space on MSN.  Come on over!

Coming Soon To Trouble's Paradice

This is where you can find reviews on all the old stuff as well as the new things coming to the site.  Two words: PARENT FRIENDLY

TIP Family Group

The Family Group is for people of all ages.  Please come join.


This is MySpace.  Welcome to my latest ministry...

Coming Soon!!
More Poems on My Poem Page
Symbols Page
More Friend Profiles

p456.jpg a past life!!


And this is a picture of me back when I was a vegetarian...proof that bad things can and will happen to those who eat veggies.


And this is my fiancee...


Me...on a bad hair-day...

Disclaimer #1:  Contrary to popular belief, neither Lorelei aka Trouble nor her fiancee are truly squirrels.
Disclaimer #2:  Despite the beggings and pleadings of many of her family, Lorelei aka Trouble has turned her back on most vegetables...matter of fact, for those of you who remember the Great Attack of Killer Squirrels back in '97, that was a vegetarian they were eating.
Disclaimer #3:  Lorelei aka Trouble is not now, nor will she ever be, engaged to a squirrel.
Disclaimer #4:  Lorelei aka Trouble is not engaged to anyone, squirrel or otherwise, at this point in time.